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Oils and fats

  • Maintaining large tanks of oils and fats.

Flavourings and additives

  • Concentrated flavourings, food emulsions, creams, etc.

Soft and alcoholic drinks

  • Soft drinks, liqueurs, beers, vermouths, etc.
  • Mixing sugar, syrups, butter, etc.

Chocolates and cakes

  • Boiled sweets, chocolates, chocolate coatings, creams, jellies, gum sweets, liquorice, fillings.
  • Mixing sugar, glucose, flours, fats, chocolate, soya lecithin, flavourings, colourings.

Ice cream

  • Mixing ice cream.

Eggs and derivatives

  • Eggs with salt or sugar, reconstituting egg, etc.


  • Milk shakes, standardised milk, milk for children, condensed milk, concentrate milk, desserts, cheeses, reconstituting milk, yoghurts.
  • Mixing powdered milk, serum, sugar, cocoa, starches, proteins, jellies, thickeners, sweeteners, etc.

Jams and honey

  • Sugar syrups, artificial sweeteners, syrup, fruit preserves. Homogenising honey.
  • Locust bean gum, alginic acid, carragenate, pectin, citric acid, etc.

Child nutrition

  • Cereal mixtures and adapted milk.
  • Mixing flours, sugar, starch, vitamins.

Sauces, purées and soups

  • Mayonnaise, garlic oil, béchamel sauce, mustard, tomato ketchup, brava, barbecue or spicy sauces, etc.
  • Vegetable purées, concentrated soups.
  • Mixture of thickeners and stabilisers, emulsion, chopped vegetables.


  • Juices, cremogenates and concentrates.
  • Mixture of sugar, citric acid, pectin, alginic acid, syrups, carboxymethylcellulose, etc.
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