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In line mixer VISCOVAK®

In line solid-liquid mixer for high viscosity, with direct addition of solid at the mixing head

  • COMPONENTS: Powdered, crystalline or granulated solids + liquids.
  • SOLID CONCENTRATION: ≤ 80%, depending on product.
  • SOLID FLOW: ≤ 8,000 kg/h.
  • MIXTURE FLOW: ≤ 60,000 l/h.

Dispersing thickeners

Particularly suited to the dispersion of thickeners, as its operation prevents the formation of lumps or aggregates.

VISCOVAK equipment to disperse thickeners in the manufacture of jams.
In line mixer VISCOVAK
In line mixer VISCOVAK
Scheme implementation of a mixer VISCOVAK. Adding solids to the mixing head. Possibility of adding liquid components.