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In line mixer LIVAK®

In line liquid-liquid and solid-liquid mixer with addition of solid in the tank

  • COMPONENTS: Liquids + liquids. Powdered, crystalline or granulated solids + liquids.
  • SOLID CONCENTRATION: ≤ 80%, depending on product.
  • PRODUCT VISCOSITY: High-Medium-Low
  • MIXTURE FLOW: ≤ 90,000 l/h.

Improving existing facilities

When the need for stronger agitation arises in an existing facility, installing a recirculation LIVAK on the tank instead of modifying its agitator provides great benefits.

LIVAK and agitator for biotechnology.
Manufacturing of coatings for food and beverage cans equipped with agitators and in line mixers VAK KIMSA.
Liquid-liquid in line mixer type LIVAK-M.
Scheme implementation of a mixer LIVAK. Adding liquid components to the tank, aspiration from an auxiliary tank or external pumping. Adding solids to the tank.