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In line mixer ALVAK®

In line solid-liquid mixer with direct addition of solid at the mixing head

  • COMPONENTS: Powdered, crystalline or granulated solids + liquids.
  • SOLID CONCENTRATION: ≤ 80%, depending on product.
  • SOLID FLOW: ≤ 15,000 kg/h.
  • MIXTURE FLOW: ≤ 90,000 l/h.

Solid feed

Solid feed into ALVAK mixer hoppers may be by: sacks, big-bags, worm, rotating valve, pneumatic transport… and manual or automatic.

In line mixer ALVAK.
In line mixer ALVAK
Manufacture of yoghurt and dairy desserts, adding solids to 12,000 kg / h with ALVAK-DOSIVAK.
In line mixing technology to make thickeners dispersion.
Inline mixer ALVAK.
In line mixer ALVAK