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Overall mixing process solutions

VAK KIMSA focuses its activity on manufacturing agitators, in line mixers and complete mixing facilities.

VAK KIMSA’s aim since 1972 has been to offer overall solutions to solid-liquid and liquid-liquid mixing processes for a wide range of sectors, such as the food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetics and chemical industries.

VAK KIMSA carries out process and product engineering so it can guarantee that the technological solution offered to the customer is the best possible one for its mixing process, from the process, mechanical and automation points of view.

Our engineering department has ANSYS CFX and ANSYS professional NLS software, with which we carry out process simulations, fluid dynamic studies and mechanical calculations, using the most advanced CFD (Computer Fluid Dynamics) and FEM (Finite Element Model) techniques.

There is a latest-generation pilot plant available to our customers, where they can check the advantages VAK KIMSA’s agitators and mixers can provide for their products.

The Company works with an ERP integrated management system for both management and manufacturing control, as well as with latest-generation CAD-CAM programs with 3D.

At VAK KIMSA we have a deep knowledge of our paddle designs, so we are able to optimise the power of the agitators selected for each process. We also have the widest range of agitators on the market, with equipment ranging from 0.18 to 110 kW, with TRIVAK, ALABNET AXIAL, DOUBLE FLOW etc. paddle systems, and seal systems for atmospheric or pressurised processes, sterile or with industrial design, allowing us to provide a response for all kinds of products and processes.

At VAK KIMSA we are experts in mixing starch, cocoa, powdered milk, titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, stabilisers and thickeners... In general, we handle all solids that need to be dissolved or dispersed in a liquid medium with ALVAK® in line mixers. Obtaining preparations without lumps or air, dissolving solid raw materials at low temperatures or incorporating solids conveniently at floor level are some of the advantages achieved by working with ALVAK® solid-liquid mixers.

All liquid mixing or emulsion processes also deserve special attention, and LIVAK® in line mixers-emulsifiers play an important role in obtaining stable emulsions, bright creams...

Among our complete mixing facilities, we would highlight continuous processes, such as the dilution of sodium lauryl ether sulphate with LAURILVAK® equipment. It is capable of diluting the entire contents of a 22 T tanker lorry from 70% active material to 27% in 1h 30min.

At VAK KIMSA we have the human and technical capacity to provide an overall solution to your mixing process.

HT agitators in the cosmetic industry.
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Agitator with coil.